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The main items of the veneer peeling machine

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 The veneer peeling machine will cause wear and tear of some parts under the condition of long-term work,which will cause it to not work efficiently.It is necessary to perform proper maintenance on it,and read the product manual carefully before use,And it is necessary to install and debug after fully understanding the function and use of the veneer peeler.Before starting the veneer peeler,carefully check all parts.The toughening of all fasteners should be It is in a reliable locked state,and the rotating parts are not blocked.The hydraulic,pneumatic,and electrical controls in the veneer peeler must be strictly operated in accordance with the instructions.No one should stand between the two tool rests and the veneer The lubricating parts of the leather machine should be filled with lubricating oil regularly.

 The correct use of the veneer peeling machine is very important.The production efficiency is high.The quality of the processing must be improved,the service life of the machine will be extended,and the production cost will also be greatly saved.Before starting the machine,all parts of the equipment must be checked,and the problem should be solved in time.,Don’t let the equipment work with illness,and ensure the lubrication of the machine.It is not possible to adjust the parameters during operation.Always pay attention to the operating status of the machine during operation.When problems are found,they must be dealt with in time.The innocence at both ends of the wood Position,it is necessary to clamp the wood.If the centering is not allowed,the intermittent veneer strip or narrow veneer will be unscrewed,which will waste the wood.

 The blade of the veneer peeling machine is an important component.The incorrect installation of the blade will affect the use of the machine.When installing,take the centerline height of the chuck shaft as a reference.Rotate the bolt to first set the height of the two sides of the knife,and locate the middle height.It is necessary to make the blade of the blade and the center of the clamping shaft of the machine on the same horizontal line,and then tighten the nut.The height of the blade should be 0-1 mm higher than the center of the wood.If there is vibration during the peeling,it is Due to the low installation of the knife,adjust the blade until it does not shake the knife.If the resistance of the rotary cutting is too large or the skin is broken,it is because the blade is installed too high,you can come and adjust it appropriately.Yes,you can use a sharpener to sharpen the blade.The material of the blade is relatively brittle.Don’t grind it blue,otherwise it will anneal the blade and cause the tool to be damaged and cannot be used.

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