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The reason why the shaftless veneer peeling machine runs to the right

 Shaftless veneer peeling machine is currently a very hot woodworking machine.It can be said that the market has spread all over the world,especially the veneer peeling machine produced by Jinlun Machinery Factory in terms of quality and price.It is the industry leader in terms of service.Speaking of service,here I want to talk about a problem that I mentioned when communicating with after-sales personnel recently,that is,a lot of customers are using shaftless veneers.When I use the leather machine,I will encounter the phenomenon that the wood is tilted to the right.Ask the customer service how to solve it.The following editor will talk about how our after-sales service helps customers solve this problem.Hope it can help everyone too!
The reason why the shaftless veneer peeling machine runs to the right
 When the veneer peeler is working,there are generally two situations when the wood is to the right:

 一:When the diameter of the wooden shaft is large.
 二:When the wood core is rotated.The first case is because the knife edge is too large or the single roll is too low,that is,the pressure is usually low.The second case is because the knife edge is too small or the single roll is too high,usually the pressure is high.

 A square and a ruler are used for measuring knife tools.The height of the knife and the height of the roller depend on how thick the leather you make and the diameter of the roller.The above is the standard of shaftless veneer peeling machine.

 If the above two methods cannot help you solve the problem,then you need to find a professional technician to solve it.At this time,it reflects how the manufacturer’s after-sales service is.Like our Jinlun Machinery Factory,the after-sales service is very fast.No matter where you are,it can help you solve it within 48 hours.Of course,it is faster in Shandong Province.

 Jinlun Machinery Factory not only has advantages in after-sales service,but also very good in other aspects.For example,relying on the advancement of science and technology,we have continuously improved the production process.We have 28 national patents,2 invention patents,and 1 appearance design.We were rated in 2011.The quality and performance of Shandong famous brand products are widely praised in the domestic market.About 10%of the market share,and about 40%of the Shandong market share,it is widely sold in 30 countries including Russia,Mongolia,Mexico,Malaysia,Indonesia,Philippines,Vietnam,Thailand,Palestine,India,Turkey and Nigeria.Under the increasingly fierce and severe market situation,Golden Wheel The board peeling machine has maintained a superior development trend with superb skills and high-end quality.The company has successively won the"Provincial Contract-abiding and Trustworthy Enterprise",the"Top 100 Private Economic Enterprises"in Linyi City,"Shandong Famous Brand",and"Shandong Star"Enterprise"and other honorary titles.
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 The above is about why the wood always runs to the right when the shaftless veneer peeling machine is working.I hope that the content summarized by the editor will be of great help.I want to know about the correct use of the shaftless veneer peeling machine.What is your friend,please click to view related article content!

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