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The requirements of the veneer peeler for the operator

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 Most of the accidents in the veneer peeler equipment are caused by failing to observe the safety regulations.The rule that must be kept in mind at all times:Do not wipe,lubricate or maintain the machine during the operation of the equipment.Let’s take a closer look at what requirements the veneer peeling machine requires for the operator!
The requirements of the veneer peeler for the operator

 What are the requirements of the operator for the veneer peeler?

 The operator of the veneer peeler equipment must be trained in professional machinery and basic electrical operation and be healthy;persons who drink alcohol,take drugs or similar conditions are not allowed to operate,maintain and repair the equipment;the operator should check all equipment before use Check whether the safety facilities are working properly,and check the equipment for obvious defects;before starting the equipment,ensure that all components are installed correctly,no parts are damaged,understand the electrical operation keyboard and functions,and be familiar with use.All utensils that are not related to the equipment should be removed from the equipment.Remove from the upper side;use small wooden shafts or other objects to knock off the remaining wooden shafts at the end of the rotary cutting.It is strictly forbidden to touch the wooden shafts by hand;always check the travel switch of the feed station to ensure that it is running well to avoid collisions and damage Equipment;do not change the equipment for other purposes.

 Jinlun Machinery Factory was founded in 1999 and covers an area of51 acres.It is a large-scale professional peeling machine manufacturer.Since its establishment,the company has been based on the tenet of being ethical and doing things according to standards.After more than ten years of scientific research and development,Innovation,the company focuses on the production of spindle veneer peeling machines,veneer peeling machines,peeling machines,veneer peeling lines and other products.Especially in the field of veneer peeling machines,it has developed rapidly and become the vanguard of the industry.The first veneer peeling machine manufacturer to pass the EU CE certification,and the company passed the ISO9000 quality system certification.
veneer peeler

 Veneer peeling machine

 In 2014,the company produced four series of more than ten models of veneer peeling machines.Jinlun Machinery Factory has always insisted on relying on scientific and technological progress to continuously improve the production process.It has 28 national patents,2 invention patents,and 1 appearance design.,Was appraised in 2011,Shandong famous brand product product quality performance is widely praised in the domestic market,accounting for about 10%of the domestic market share,about 40%of the Shandong market share,widely sold in Russia,Mongolia,Mexico,Malaysia,Indonesia,Philippines,Vietnam,Thailand In 30 countries such as Palestine,India,Turkey,Nigeria,etc.,under the increasingly fierce and severe market situation,Jinlun veneer peeling machine has maintained a superior development trend with its exquisite skills and high-end quality.The company has successively won the"Provincial Contract Keeping Contract""High Credit Enterprise",Linyi City"Top 100 Private Economic Enterprises","Shandong Famous Brand","Shandong Star Enterprise"and other honorary titles.

 The above is about the requirements of the operator for the veneer peeling machine.I hope it will be helpful to everyone.Friends who want to know the price of the gold wheel veneer peeling machine,please feel free to call our customer service phone for consultation!

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