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The secret of Jinlun CNC veneer peeling machine

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 The CNC veneer peeling machine is an important process in the plate production process,which determines the quality of the plate to a large extent.As a key equipment for the joint plate manufacturing,the CNC veneer peeling machine plays a pivotal role in the manufacturing process.In recent years,with the continuous R&D and birth of new building materials,plates have been continuously used by people,regardless of whether they can be processed to manufacture household products,they are even exported to foreign countries.
The secret of Jinlun CNC veneer peeling machine
 According to the statistics of relevant departments,it can be seen that the average annual output of China is more than 60 million tons,and the utilization rate of wood has also been greatly improved.Compared with other countries,the comprehensive utilization rate of wood in China is still relatively low.The wood utilization rate in developed countries in the world is generally above 80%.According to the speculation of professionals,it can be seen that the output rate of CNC veneer peeling machine is very important.If the output rate of each CNC veneer peeling machine can be increased 1%,then about 230,000 cubic meters of wood will be saved every year.Looking at it this way,the economic and social benefits are very significant.From this,it can be seen that the key to the study of CNC veneer peeling machines has become very obvious.It is necessary to start from two aspects to improve the utilization rate of wood and improve the processing precision.Only by doing a good job in these two aspects,can the supply and demand of wood be eased,so that it can stand firm among the wood processing enterprises.
CNC veneer peeling machine
 The traditional wood CNC veneer peeling machine is divided into two types:the clamping axis CNC veneer peeling machine and the non-chucking axis CNC veneer peeling machine.The former has the core of the wood,so the remaining wood core after the wood is peeled.The diameter of the chuck is relatively large,generally 70mm.The larger the diameter of the chuck,the more wood sections will remain.This undoubtedly increases the demand for wood resources,so the refinement of the chuck is particularly important.

 Now the CNC veneer peeling machine developed by Jinlun Machinery is really a clever scissors for plate manufacturing.This problem is fundamentally solved,and the output rate of the CNC veneer peeling machine is increased and the use of raw materials is more economical.

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