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The technology of the spindle veneer peeling machine is improved.

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   Jinlun Machinery was established in 1999 and has a history of 21 years. It is committed to the research and development of veneer peeling machines, spindle veneer peeling machines, shaftless veneer peeling machines, and peeling machines. After the day-to-day research and development of our technicians, finally the spindle veneer peeling machine has been greatly improved. Here, the editor would like to express our gratitude to our R&D staff on behalf of Jinlun Machinery!
The technology of the spindle veneer peeling machine is improved.
 "Congratulations" Jinlun Machinery has made a significant improvement in the technology of the spindle veneer peeling machine!

   We know that with the development of society, there is a shortage of resources on the earth. There is a shortage of renewable and non-renewable resources. Jinlun Machinery’s demand for spindle veneer peeling machines is mainly This is due to the large demand for wood industry machinery such as plywood, particleboard and fiberboard. The current shortage of domestic resources, especially the shortage of timber, has brought certain resistance to my country’s production. However, in the face of the huge market demand for processed wood products, we can no longer cut trees endlessly, and can only find another way.

 The rapid development of science and technology has greatly satisfied our needs in all aspects. In the face of the extreme shortage of domestic resources, we can only use technological means to manufacture or substitute other things. Like the use of a rotary cutting machine. We can use it to make plywood, particleboard and fiberboard and other machinery and equipment, which can replace people’s demand for solid wood. Moreover, wood machinery is mainly obtained from some discarded wood or non-wood plants through certain mechanical processing, which can greatly reduce the logging of forest resources, thereby better protecting our living environment.
Veneer peeling machine

 Veneer peeling machine

 The development of science and technology has made all the impossible become a reality. We should also vigorously apply the convenience brought by science and technology to develop and research more alternative resources. We deserve to work hard for the environment in which we live. The spindle veneer peeling machine has been extensively improved both in process and technology, which has made a new breakthrough in energy saving and environmental protection. Hope everyone can continue to support our Jinlun Machinery Plant!

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