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The use process of veneer peeling machine

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 The Veneer peeling machine equipment is designed to be operated by dedicated personnel;unqualified personnel are not allowed to use the equipment!

 The operator must ensure that all protection and safety devices are complete and in a normal state.In order for the operator to obtain the necessary knowledge to operate the equipment,it must be in the presence of professionals before the empty machine can perform various manual operations.
The use process of veneer peeling machine
 1 blade size adjustment

 Adjust the blade size according to the set peeling veneer thickness.When adjusting the blade size,first loosen the six M16 bolts that fix the single-row roller seat,and then use the two drawing rods at the back to increase or decrease the blade.When the required size gap is reached,tighten the six M16 bolts and tighten the nut on the drawing rod.

 If the shaft is skipped,it means the blade is still big,you can repeat the above steps.If the wooden shaft has"fish eyes"at the scar and the wooden shaft is fragile,it means the blade is too small and needs to be readjusted.

 2Fixation of wood peeling position

 Retreat the knife body to a suitable position and place the wood on the pallet(the wood can be manually lifted or hoisted by a crane).The wood must be placed between the two edge knives.If the wood is placed to one side,a wooden stick can be used Pry the wood to the other side.

 3 Wood pre-tightening and fixing

 After the wood is placed,the single and double roller motors are activated,and the knife body seat is moved forward quickly.After the wood is picked up,it is fixed in the state before peeling.

 4 Veneer peeling machine

 After fixing the wood in the state before peeling,press the work-in button or move the operating lever to the work-in position and release,the knife body starts to work and enters the veneer peeling state until the power of the single and double roller motors is cut off,and the knife body is automatically fast Back to the set position,the peeling process ends.
veneer peeling machine
 (If the Veneer peeling machine is automatic,it will automatically enter the next working cycle after a certain interval.)

 5 Removal of remaining wooden shafts

 When the peeling process is over,use a wooden stick to knock off the wooden shaft and put the log into the next working cycle.

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