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The veneer peeled by the veneer peeling machine is not smooth

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 The veneer peeling machine can cut a thick piece of wood into multiple thin veneers.These veneers are the main raw materials for making plywood,so the quality of plywood is closely related to the veneer.
The veneer peeled by the veneer peeling machine is not smooth
 The quality of the veneer is related to the veneer peeler.If the veneer peeler fails,it will affect the quality of the veneer and the peeling rate.Therefore,once a problem is found during the peeling process,it should be shut down immediately for inspection.A common problem in the peeling process of the veneer peeling machine is the veneer rolling.The veneer rolling will affect the flatness and gluing of the plywood.What caused the veneer rolling?What is a good solution?

 Veneer peeling machine veneer rolling unevenness reasons:

 1)Generally,the main reason is that the knife door is too narrow or the knife holder is too high.

 2)The wood is too dry.
veneer peeling machine

 Veneer peeling machine veneer rolling uneven solution:

 1)Loosen the ram screws and adjusting screws at both ends of the machine,appropriately widen the knife door,lower the height of the knife,and then tighten the screws,so that the problem of veneer rolling can be solved.

 2)When the wood is too dry,you can spray more water and leave it for a while to increase its wetness.When it is rotated again,it can basically eliminate the curling of the board.

 The above is the reason why the veneer cut by the veneer peeling machine is not smooth.I hope that the content summarized by the editor of Jinlun can help everyone.

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