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The veneer peeling machine is more and more popular with customers

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 Facing the rapid pace of life nowadays,more and more people advocate simplicity and freedom.For sheet metal processing,choosing a veneer peeling machine suitable for rapid processing and production of sheets and simple operation should be what the sheet metal processing industry has always expected.

 With the continuous development of technology,more and more similar products are flooding our lives.It is not an easy task to choose one that suits you from a large number of products.In the sheet metal machinery industry,the appearance of the veneer peeling machine saves the processing time in the sheet metal processing operation,and the operation process is simple and convenient.Its appearance not only brings convenience to the sheet metal processing industry,but also brings technological innovation and progress to the sheet metal machinery industry,laying a solid foundation for the development of the sheet metal machinery industry.

 The veneer peeling machine can automatically adjust the uniformity of the skin.When using,you only need to set the parameters to automatically peel the veneer and process the veneer.While saving time,it also greatly improves the work efficiency and makes the wood single Board debarking is maximized,reducing waste of wood,which is very suitable for users’demand for mass production of veneers.
veneer peeling machine
 The veneer peeling machine has fast response and high precision.The veneer peeling process can calculate the feed speed of the knife bed in real time according to the detection data of the knife bed movement sensor,and the veneer peeling produces a uniform thickness of dough.And the thickness of the veneer peeling can be set by yourself,which can meet different needs.The application of numerical control to the veneer peeling machine not only reflects the improvement of efficiency,but also this product is more in line with modern requirements,which can save a lot of labor for users and greatly increase the production of veneer peeling.Feixian Jinlun Machinery Factory has a wealth of experience in the production of veneer peeling all-in-one machines.Our products have undergone layer-by-layer inspections from processing to delivery to ensure that each machine is qualified.It is our goal to be a product that users can rest assured.

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