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Tips for lubrication and maintenance of wood veneer peeling machine

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 The wood veneer peeling machine uses high-speed motion to peel off the wood,and the high-speed running parts will produce wear.In order to reduce the wear,the running parts are often lubricated to reduce the wear caused by the movement and extend The service life ensures the working efficiency of the veneer peeling machine.Now let the editor of Jinlun Machinery give you a detailed explanation!

Tips for lubrication and maintenance of wood veneer peeling machine

 Golden Wheel explains the tips and methods for lubrication and maintenance of wood veneer peelers!

 The lubrication used mainly includes lubricating oil and grease.The lubricating oil is in liquid form.The higher the rotation speed of the machine,the lower the viscosity of the lubricating oil used.Non-liquid friction is prone to occur.Use lubricating oil with higher viscosity and working temperature.The viscosity of the high oil used should be increased;when the friction surface is rough,use the oil of higher viscosity,otherwise use the low viscosity oil.Lubricating grease is solid.It has the advantage of simple sealing,no need to change frequently,and wide adaptability,but it has poor fluidity and poor thermal conductivity,and cannot be used as a circulating lubricant.Grease can be used when the speed is low,the load is large,and it is inconvenient to add oil.In order to enhance the lubrication effect,it is better to add some graphite powder to the grease.

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 Lubrication method of wood veneer peeler

 The first thin oil station centralized lubrication:customers can configure their own lubrication system according to the actual situation.

 Second forced lubrication:It is the lubrication of bearings and gears that rely on auxiliary equipment to force lubricating oil into the gear box.

 The third immersion oil lubrication:All gears and bearings are immersed in the lubricating oil.

 The fourth oil pool lubrication:Under normal circumstances,the reducer adopts oil pool splash lubrication.

 The above is about some coups and methods used when lubricating and maintaining the wood veneer peeler.I hope it will be helpful to everyone.Therefore,our veneer peeling machine needs to be lubricated during maintenance.This operation is still very important.If you want to know about other issues about the veneer peeler,please click to view the content of the related article!

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