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Tool adjustment method of the spindle veneer peeling machine.

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   Jinlun Machinery can peel different thicknesses of board skins according to customer requirements, and the thickness of the board skins is closely related to the veneer peeling machine knife. If the knife position is too high, there will be uneven thickness of the veneer, and if the knife position is too low, there will be a chatter. How to adjust the 2.6-meter spindle veneer peeling machine tool position so that it can work quickly and with high quality?
Tool adjustment method of the spindle veneer peeling machine.
   1. Loosen the compression bolts on both sides of the single box of the veneer peeler, insert the knife and the single roll with a feeler gauge to see if the two ends are consistent, if they are inconsistent, adjust the adjustment screws at both ends of the knife table to make the knife The gap is equal to or slightly larger than the thickness of the twisted leather.

 2. Use a triangle ruler to lean against the upper and inner parts of the double-spun roll, and then use a ruler to hold the knife edge to measure upwards, and read the value of the ruler scale where the lower edge of the triangle ruler intersects. When the peeled veneer thickness is between 1.2-1.9, the reading is 102mm; when the skin thickness is between 0.6mm-1.2mm, the knife height is 101-102mm; when the skin thickness is between 1.9mm-2.6mm, the knife height is 102- 102.5mm. When the skin thickness is greater than 2.6mm, the knife height is 102.5-103mm. Use the same method to measure the two ends and the middle of the knife so that the knife and the roll are level.

 Sharpening and installation of blades of veneer peeler

   The deflection occurs when peeling the wood, so when installing the blade, the blade should be slightly bent to form an upward curvature. The value depends on the nature of the wood being peeled and the small diameter of the log remaining at the end of the peeling (usually about 0.15M) This work can be done like this. After the clamping screws at both ends of the blade are tightened, adjust the middle ejector rod, so that the blade can form an upward curvature, and then tighten all the clamping screws. The blade installation angle can be Adjust by turning the hand wheel. In addition, the blade is installed according to the level of the center of the chuck shaft. The height of the knife tip is 0.1-0.20MM, and the height of both ends of the knife must be exactly the same. (Use a dedicated measurement to measure it)
spindle veneer peeling machine.
 The gap between the nut and the screw rod of the pushing blade holder should not be too large, otherwise the blade holder will vibrate when peeling the wood, which will affect the quality of veneer peeling. The screw nut gap can be adjusted by adjusting the lock nut.

 The above is the method of adjusting the knife position of the veneer peeler. When the veneer peeler is used daily, there will be some residues of materials, which must be cleaned in time to keep the body clean. In addition, after the machine is shut down, various parts should be checked frequently to ensure work safety. Also frequently apply lubricating oil to the parts that need to be lubricated to prevent wear. I want to know why the card-free veneer peeling machine is worn out when it is used? How to deal with it? Friends, please click to view related articles!

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