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Two classifications and differences of veneer peeling machine

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 The veneer peeling machine is used to cut wood sections into veneers of a certain thickness for manufacturing plywood.Divided into single board peeling machine with card axis and non card axis selective cutting machine;
Two classifications and differences of veneer peeling machine
 The veneer peeling machine with chuck shaft is abbreviated as chuck,which means that the two ends of the wood are stuck with the chuck for peeling.The diameter of the chuck is generally about 100mm,which will cause the wood core within 100mm to be unable to be effectively used.Now that timber resources are becoming increasingly scarce,these wood cores are very impressive;
veneer peeling machine
 Therefore,a veneer peeler without a clip head for peeling the remaining wood core is developed-a pinch-free shaft veneer peeler(no card),which is mainly used for peeling small diameter wood or the remaining wood core with a card,The advantage is the high utilization rate of wood,and there are many disadvantages compared with the card,such as poor accuracy and high failure rate.The price of veneer peeling machine varies greatly according to different manufacturers,different grades,such as the same 8-foot card,about 1 million US dollars produced in Japan,and domestic prices ranging from 1 million yuan to 50,000 yuan.Generally,it can be cut from 4mm-0.03mm,with a width of 2700mm-900mm,and the accuracy is within 0.05mm if it is stuck,and 0.1-0.2mm without it.

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