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Use of CNC Veneer Peeling Machine

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 The main feature of the CNC veneer peeling machine is to overcome the difficulties of the old cardless veneer peeling machine,such as large front-to-back errors,uneven thickness of the cut product,and difficult maintenance.Nowadays,the emergence of CNC veneer peeling machines is the most The outstanding advantage is that the parameters can be set according to the user’s needs,so it is particularly suitable for the automatic adjustment of the veneer peeler,and has strong anti-interference ability.In this way,it inherits the simple operation of the original veneer peeling machine,and relies on the computer PLC to realize fully automatic work
Use of CNC Veneer Peeling Machine
 CNC veneer peeling machine is one of the main equipment for the production of plywood.The appearance of the CNC veneer peeling machine not only improves the quality and precision of the veneer production,but also greatly improves the production efficiency and the automation of the whole machine.According to the detection data of the tool bed displacement sensor,the feed speed of the tool bed is calculated in real time at a high speed,and the thickness of the veneer is even,the precision is high,and the surface is smooth.The CNC cardless veneer peeling machine is an important equipment on the plywood production line or veneer production line.

 The dynamic high-speed operation of the CNC veneer peeling machine ensures that the thickness of the peeling cut is always maintained at the set value,so that the uniformity error of the veneer is within±0.1mm under the normal peeling condition.The CNC veneer peeling machine has strong adaptability.According to the characteristics of the use of the veneer peeler,the wide range of working voltage is designed.In the case of voltage fluctuations,the output torque is kept constant,and the normal operation of the rotary cutting can be satisfied at 60°or more of the rated voltage.This technology is especially effective for many occasions where the rural power grid environment is poor.The wide speed range of the CNC veneer peeling machine is adjustable,the rotary cutting speed is fast,and the efficiency is high,which can meet the requirements of the high speed of the board.
Veneer Peeling Machine
 CNC veneer peeling machine is aimed at complex peeling objects with large starting torque to ensure that the motor has strong cutting force and uniform output during low-speed heavy cutting..Ensure the stability of the rotary cutting and high-speed stop and restart the work.Super deceleration and braking ability to ensure the instant stop of the tool post.

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