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Use of lubricating oil for veneer peeling machine

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 Various problems can occur when the machine is used for a long time.At this time,adding proper lubricating oil can not only make the veneer peeling machine work normally,but also prolong the service life of the veneer peeling machine.The following are the matters needing attention when using lubricating oil:

 The working temperature of the veneer peeling machine is high,and the viscosity of the oil we use should increase;and the higher the rotation or sliding speed of the veneer peeling machine,the lower the viscosity of the lubricating oil;non-liquid friction is prone to occur.For mechanisms such as variable load,unequal speed,or frequent start and stop,lubricating oil with a larger viscosity should be used;if the pressure per unit area ofthe machine is greater,the viscosity of the lubricating oil should be greater.When the surface of the friction surface is rough,oil with higher viscosity should be used,and on the contrary,lubricating oil with low viscosity should be used.

 Generally,lubricating oil and grease are mainly used for the lubrication of veneer peeling machine.The lubricating oil is liquid.The higher the rotation speed of the machine,the lower the viscosity of the lubricating oil used;non-liquid friction is prone to occur,so use the higher viscosity For lubricating oil,the viscosity of the oil used at high working temperature should be increased;when the friction surface is rough,use the oil with a higher viscosity,and vice versa.Lubricating grease is solid.Its advantage is that it is simple to seal,does not need to be changed frequently,and has wide adaptability.However,it has poor fluidity and poor thermal conductivity and cannot be used as a circulating lubricant.Grease can be used when the speed is low,the load is large and it is inconvenient to add oil.The joint surface is rough.In order to enhance the lubrication effect,it is better to add some graphite powder to the grease.If the speed of the product is low,the load is relatively large,and it is inconvenient to add oil,grease can be used.Although it has poor fluidity and poor thermal conductivity,it has the advantages of simple sealing,no need to change frequently,and wide adaptability.The latter is generally liquid,because different products have different oil viscosity,so the product oil used is also different.For example,when the friction surface is rough,use a higher viscosity oil,otherwise use a low viscosity oil.

 Veneer peeling machine has been working with high efficiency.Daily maintenance can effectively prevent the machine from abrasion and damage,which will help increase the service life of the machine and increase the production efficiency.

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