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Use of veneer peeling machine

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 Veneer peeling machine is one of the main equipment for the production of plywood.It is divided into carded veneer peeling machine and cardless veneer peeling machine.With the advancement of technology,digital servo control technology is also applied to veneer peeling.In machine production,CNC veneer peeling machines have appeared in recent years.The emergence of CNC veneer peeling machines has not only improved the quality and precision of the production of veneers,but also greatly improved the production efficiency.

 The long distance between the two ends of the veneer peeler determines the length of the wood that can be processed,and also the width of the veneer that can be unscrewed.The height from the center line of the chuck axis from the bed surface determines the maximum diameter of the wood section.The maximum diameter also depends on the maximum distance between the center line of the chuck shaft and the tool bed.For the length of the rotary knife,it needs to be 50mm more than the maximum distance between the two chucks,and it is also to enter the tool.The speed is the distance that the knife bed moves per rotation of the card axis.The speed determines the thickness of the veneer.Adjust the feed speed according to your needs.The rapid advance and retreat speed of the knife bed is when the knife bed approaches or leaves the wood section before the rotary cutting starts.The moving speed of the chuck is generally higher.The axial feed speed of the chuck shaft should be such that the retracting room of the cutter bed and the release time of the wood core are equal.The diameter of the chuck determines the wood core can be used for peeling.The smallest diameter processed,the power of the transmission and the power of the motor determine the thickness of the veneer that can be cut and the power consumption

 Veneer peeling machine operators must first check whether the handle position of the mechanical equipment is correct,whether the limit protection measures are intact,and whether the tightness of the belt chain is reasonable before starting work.Before turning on the veneer peeling machine,the peeling thickness must be adjusted.It cannot be adjusted after turning on,and it is also very dangerous and cannot be adjusted.After starting the machine idling for 1 to 2 minutes,it will start to work.When the operator leaves the mechanical equipment because of something,the power must be cut off.The veneer peeler should not be left unattended to run idling to prevent dangerous things from happening and failing to stop them in time.The correct use of the veneer peeler is to ensure the safety of the performance of the veneer peeler.Regular inspections should keep the equipment performance stable and safe,and check whether the various control buttons are working properly;whether the V-belts or chains of the single and double roller drive motors are worn or slack,and adjust and replace them in time.When leaving get off work,be sure to cut off the power supply,check whether the mechanical equipment really stops running,and then clean the surroundings of the mechanical equipment after confirming that it is correct.Safely operate every day to live happily every day.

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