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Use the Veneer peeling machine to check regularly

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 1.To keep the performance of the Veneer peeling machine stable and safe,the inspection should be carried out according to the following frequency:before the new equipment is commissioned,the guide shaft,the hanging wheel frame clutch gear,the roller shaft and other moving parts should be lubricated.

 2.The guide shaft,hanging wheel frame,clutch gear,roller shaft,etc.should be added to the new machine within 40 hours,and lubricating oil should be added once every 2 hours.
Use the Veneer peeling machine to check regularly
 3.After the machine has been working for 200 hours,the lubricating parts shall be lubricated twice every 8 hours.

 4.Every 200 hours of work,check whether the control buttons are working properly.

 5.Whether the single and double roller drive belt is worn or slack.

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