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Veneer peeling machine promotes the rapid development of the industry

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 Now the economic development has driven the rapid advancement of various industries,and the same is true for wood machinery.In recent years,the sales of veneer peeling machines produced by our company have also risen sharply,and the technology has been continuously updated and learned,which has led to the development of the industry.The development of technology is fundamentally updated.This has strengthened the foundation of production and further improved the performance and quality of the machine.The future performance is also worth looking forward to.
Veneer peeling machine promotes the rapid development of the industry
 At present,the application field of veneer peeling machine has been expanded to many industries.It can be said that the application range of veneer peeling machine is getting wider and wider.Due to the powerful functions of the veneer peeling machine,the demand for real estate and furniture manufacturing industries is increasing at a rapid rate every year.At the same time,we have noticed that the current intermediate links of processing cardless veneer peeling machines are more profitable,which has created profit margins for wood processing companies and has benefited more companies.Because the wood processing industry has a broad market space,it has formed a strong driving force to promote the development of the veneer peeling machine industry.

 Nationally speaking,the number of manufacturers and operators of veneer peeling machines is increasing every year.In the past,veneer peeling machines used wood with a diameter of more than 26 cm for peeling.The waste of wood was too much and the cost was too high,which restricted the development of the veneer peeling machine industry.However,in recent years,card-free peeling technology has been promoted and applied nationwide,which greatly reduces the requirements for raw material diameters in the production of veneer peelers,and promotes the rapid development of the national veneer peeler industry in a short period of time.development of.
Veneer peeling machine
 Through the 12th Five-Year Plan,we can see policy guidance and support.All localities conscientiously implement the state’s taxation of"three-remaining"value-added tax in forest areas,cancel the tax on special agricultural products,and enjoy preferential policies such as financial discount loans for the afforestation of raw material forest bases,and take the initiative to simplify forestry administrative approval procedures and cancel veneers based on actual conditions.Obtaining certificates for the transportation of peeling machines and cleaning up the industry’s arbitrary fees.These measures have effectively improved the forestry investment environment,and the enthusiasm of all sectors of society to participate in forestry development is unprecedentedly high.

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