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Wear factors when using veneer peeling machine

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 It is a common phenomenon that the veneer peeling machine wears out during use.Generally speaking,the main factors that cause this phenomenon are:

 1.Because the logs are not round,the peeling is not continuous,which not only causes the veneer peeling machine to wear,but also produces a part of broken veneer,resulting in sheet waste.

 2.The chuck of the veneer peeler clamps the two ends of the wood section,resulting in end loss;the veneer peeler has been working at a high speed without intermittent fatigue,which accelerates its damage.

 3.The reason for the wood.If the wood is too thin and bent,the veneer peeling machine will increase the automatic feeding pressure during the peeling process,and the wood will be forced straight and peeled,which will cause the veneer peeling machine to be affected.The phenomenon of uneven force accelerates its wear.

 4.During the growth or storage of wood,there will always be the characteristics of one side facing the sun and the other side facing the shade.Therefore,the density and the degree of dryness and wetness on both sides of the wood are different,so the veneer peeler exerts different forces when peeling such wood.,It will also accelerate its damage.

 To prevent this phenomenon,relevant people suggest that the following methods can be adopted:

 The veneer peeling machine needs to process different kinds of wood.Long-term peeling will cause loss of tools and machines,reducing the service life of the machine.In addition to regular maintenance and maintenance of the machine,we must Check the structure of each component.During operation,check whether the feed screw or nut wears the tool holder.The wear between the chuck shaft and the shaft sleeve will cause the shaft to loosen,causing the thickness of the veneer to be inconsistent.For peeling,the knife door cannot be too narrow or the knife holder is too high.Adjust the tightness of the belt and chain,check whether the parts are in good condition,lubricate the parts regularly,adjust the thickness of the peeling before operation,and do not adjust after starting the machine.Carrying out the parameter adjustment,can’t carry on the load operation either.

 Operating skills are slowly accumulated in the course of normal use,and are related to everyone’s operating habits.Simplifying complex things is a skill.Veneer peeling machine manufacturers can solve various peeling problems for users.Welcome Everyone is coming.

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