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What are the disadvantages of traditional and CNC veneer peeling machine

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 Plywood manufacturers know that to make plywood requires a machine to cut the wood into pieces.This machine is called a veneer peeling machine.The machine can be divided into a spindle veneer peeling machine and a shaftless veneer peeling machine.In recent years,a CNC lathe machine has appeared.Compared with the traditional veneer peeling machine,the CNC peeling machine has a huge advantage.The following editor of Jinlun Machinery will count the disadvantages of the traditional CNC veneer peeling machine compared with the CNC veneer peeling machine,and why we choose the CNC veneer peeling machine.
What are the disadvantages of traditional and CNC veneer peeling machine
 Traditional veneer peeling machine,low speed,high torque.Compared with electromagnetic motors,the torque-to-weight ratio of ultrasonic motors is more than 100 to 1000 times the torque density of electromagnetic motors.Life,noise and reliability issues.Since most of the driving of the ultrasonic motor is contact type,this will inevitably bring about the friction loss between the stator and the rotor.

 The structure is simple and flexible,and the movement forms are various.Ultrasonic motors generally consist of a stator and a rotor(or moving body),and it is very convenient to integrate the stator and rotor of the motor with the fixed and moving parts in the motion system.Ultrasonic motors have a variety of flexible structures such as circular rings,circular plates,square plates,cylinders and spheres,and are very easy to achieve various forms of movement,such as rotational movement,linear movement,two-dimensional plane movement and three-dimensional movement.

 The working principle of the CNC veneer peeling machine:the purpose of peeling is accomplished through wood rotation and intelligent linear feed of the knife table.During the peeling process,the speed of the single and double rollers is constant.The wood is reduced with the diameter of the wood,and the knife table feeds through the displacement.The sensor feedbacks to the frequency converter,and the frequency converter outputs the corresponding Hertz to make the motor run faster,and further increase the screw speed to make the tool table advance quickly to complete the final cutting.
CNC veneer peeling machine
 Like most CNC veneer peeling machines,Jinlun’s CNC veneer peeling machine is mainly composed of frame,double-roller system,single-roller system,tool rest,transmission system,electrical system,etc.

 The processed veneer has a uniform thickness and a smooth surface;reasonable structure,convenient operation and maintenance;stable equipment performance,fewer vulnerable parts,and long service life;saving wood resources.

 The above is about the shortcomings of traditional veneer peeling machines and the reasons why so many people choose CNC veneer peeling machines.With the development of science and technology,all walks of life are making progress,whether in terms of technology or other aspects.So we must not be eliminated by society.If you want to know about other issues about the veneer peeling machine,please click to view the content of the related article!

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