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What are the safety precautions when using CNC veneer peeling machine

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 We know that mechanical equipment is dangerous when used in general.Today we will talk about some safety issues that should be paid attention to when applying CNC veneer peeling machine equipment.How to use it safely,please everyone Bear in mind.
What are the safety precautions when using CNC veneer peeling machine

 What are the safety precautions when using the CNC veneer peeling machine?

 It is first stipulated that the application staff should stand on the side of the equipment,and do not stand within the scope of the equipment’s itinerary after the equipment is started;adjust the wood specifications,after entering the machine,you can no longer adjust the entering rate.fierce.If the timber is assured and prohibited,the intermittent double plate will be unscrewed,causing damage,and continuous production cannot be made.Wood with bent wood will also spin out intermittently broken double boards.To check the operation of the CNC veneer peeling machine,whether the components are installed properly,after the card-free peeling machine is carried out,use wooden sticks and other special tools to remove the remaining wooden shafts on the CNC veneer peeling machine,Remember not to take it with your hands to prevent risks.

 It is necessary to ensure that the machine and equipment of the CNC veneer peeling machine do not need to be wiped,moisturized or maintained during operation to prevent risks.Drinking and taking medicines are prohibited during working hours.The equipment should be checked before starting.Whether everything is normal in each position,there are wooden or damaged components,if there is any need to be replaced before application.The wooden shaft must be removed after the wood card-free rotary cutting machine is carried out,but it cannot be taken by hand,it must be removed with a wooden stick.It is necessary to develop a good habit of maintenance of machinery and equipment,small maintenance every day,and one major maintenance on time to ensure stronger application of the CNC veneer peeling machine.

CNC Veneer Peeling Machine

 CNC Veneer Peeling Machine

 The above is about the safety precautions when using the CNC veneer peeling machine,so when we use the machine,we must pay attention to the above precautions for our safety.If you want to know about other related knowledge of CNC veneer peeling machine,please click to view related articles!

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