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What effect does the failure of the Veneer peeling machine have on the veneer

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 The current veneer peeling machine can peel very thin veneers,but if the machine fails,the quality of the peeled veneers will be affected,and it will also affect the production efficiency.Therefore,today’s editor of Jinlun Machinery I will introduce some common veneer peeling problems and solutions for you,I believe it will be helpful to you.

What effect does the failure of the Veneer peeling machine have on the veneer

 What problems will happen to veneer if the veneer peeling machine fails?How to solve?

 Question one,veneer rolling:

 This situation is generally caused by too narrow knife gate or too high knife holder.The solution is very simple.Loosen the ram screws and adjusting screws at both ends,widen the knife door,lower the height of the knife,and then tighten the screws.This can solve the problem of veneer rolling.

 Question two,the thickness of the veneer varies:

 It is mainly due to the damage of the encoder or electronic ruler for distance measurement or speed measurement.Solution:Adjust the fast-forward frequency to 2Hz and observe whether the diameter change of the log is continuous.If there is a pause,it means that the ranging encoder is broken and needs to be replaced.If the speed of the roller is inconsistent with the actual speed,you need to replace the speed encoder.

 Question 3.The peeled veneer is wavy:

 This situation is generally caused by the excessive resistance of the knife.Solution:Check whether the output current of the inverter is greater than 5A during idling.If the current exceeds 5A,the machine needs to be adjusted,and check whether the resistance caused by poor lubrication is too large.
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 The above is about the veneer problems caused by the failure of the veneer peeling machine.From the above content,it is not difficult to see that if the veneer peeler fails,three situations often occur,namely veneer rolling and veneer The thickness varies and the peeled veneer is wavy.When encountering these problems,we should not panic,just follow the above solutions.If you want to know about other issues about the veneer peeling,please continue to pay attention to us!

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