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What factors should be considered when purchasing a veneer peeling machine

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 At present,veneer peeling machines are very popular in the woodworking machinery and wood processing industries.With the development of science and technology,more and more manufacturers have begun to produce veneer peeling machines,but facing this Many manufacturers don’t know how to choose?Let me tell you what factors we should consider when purchasing a veneer peeler!

 Veneer peeling machine manufacturers remind users not only to pay attention to the price when buying the machine,but also to look at the quality,materials,roller wall thickness and pattern,etc.For motors,hydraulic stations,oil tops,etc.,we mainly learn from after-sales service.You can get a good discount at a low price,but it will become a waste after using it for a period of time.Compared with the high price,long use time,and durability,your profit is much higher.Therefore,many people’s ideas are wrong.
What factors should be considered when purchasing a veneer peeling machine
 When buying veneer peeling machine products,you must shop around.The same quality is better than the price,and the same price must understand the quality.Don’t be afraid to compare the goods without knowing the goods.

 Generally,when a friend chooses a golden wheel veneer peeling machine,the factors considered are around the performance characteristics of the mechanical equipment,power and its power saving mode.Although it is not wrong to say that it is out of this consideration,but if you want To purchase a more suitable veneer peeler,in addition to considering the mechanical equipment,the tree species must also be considered.The northern tree species and the southern tree species are still a bit different.

 If it is a northern tree species,we also have to make a reasonable selection of the card veneer peeler.Several card veneer peelers are suitable for northern tree species,and the card veneer peeler is in the peeling process.Medium,the card can be changed automatically without stopping the machine,which greatly improves the production efficiency.Vertical peeling machine with card and horizontal peeling machine with card.

 Jinlun Machinery is a key enterprise specializing in the production of veneer peeling machines(with cards and without cards).Veneer peeling machines are generally large in size and complex in structure.Logs need to be centered before the machine.If the centering is not correct,start spinning When cutting,intermittent veneer strips or narrow veneers will be unscrewed.Such specifications do not meet the requirements of veneers.The more broken veneers or narrow veneers,the more sapwood veneers with good materials are lost,which is not conducive to the continuity of production.This will waste too much logs,increase costs and reduce enterprise revenue.
veneer peeling machine
 The logs are bent,irregular in cross-section,and large and small at both ends(sharpness),etc.The veneers that are easily screwed out are broken veneers,which waste wood.And when the log diameter is reduced to a certain extent,the peeling cannot be continued(that is,the remaining wood core causes wood waste),so the production of wood veneer also needs to be equipped with a flow-type wood processing equipment,relying on a single veneer to go The leather machine is not yet complete.It must be matched with other equipment to make the production efficiency more efficient and save the raw materials,and the company’s profit will be higher.

 The above is about what factors need to be considered when purchasing a veneer peeler.I hope you can help when purchasing a veneer peeler.If you want to know about the price of a veneer peeler,please directly Call our customer service number for consultation!

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