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What is "not possible" when using a veneer peeling machines

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 It is precisely because of the various rules that each radius is achieved;therefore,there are some requirements that we must comply with,just like when using woodworking machinery veneer peeling machines,there will always be so many"no"s.But it is these"not possible"that have achieved the safety and smoothness of production;these are important conditions to ensure the smooth completion of production,so now we will learn more about the"not"when using the veneer peeling machine.Yes,or something to note.
What is "not possible" when using a veneer peeling machines
 1.Before the operation,check the saw blade of the veneer peeler.If the length of the crack on the tooth side of the saw blade exceeds 10mm,the length of the crack at the joint of the saw blade exceeds 10mm,and the saw blade with two consecutive missing teeth and more than three joints shall not be used.Within the above regulations,a crack stop hole must be punched at the crack terminal.After adjusting the tightness of the saw blade properly,run it at no load first.If the sound is normal and there is no stringing phenomenon,it can work.

 2.During the operation,the operator should stand on both sides of the veneer peeling machine.After the sports car is started,no people are allowed to stand around the track within the travel range,and it is strictly forbidden to get on or off the sports car during operation.

 3.The size of logs should be adjusted before entering the machine,and no adjustments should be made after entering the machine.The machine advance speed should be uniform and not excessive.

 4.Reversing can only be carried out after the end of the wood has passed the saw blade 0.5cm.The reversing speed should not be too fast.Pay attention to the wood passing over the saw blade at the end of the wood,and the knots will hit the saw blade.

 5.A veneer peeler equipped with a pneumatic dust hood.When wood chips block the dust suction nozzle,it is strictly forbidden to clean the nozzle on the back side of the saw wheel during operation.
veneer peeling machines
 Only the life safety of the operator is guaranteed,and only the veneer peeler can operate normally,can the production task be effectively completed.

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