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What problems will be encountered in the operation of the veneer peeling machine

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 The veneer peeling machine plays an important role in the production of wood-based panels.Its division of labor is responsible for the production of the skins;this is an important process for wood-based panel production,and there is no room for mistakes.However,in the production process of the veneer peeling machine,there will inevitably be problems of one kind or another,which will inevitably affect the production quality of wood-based panels.So today we will take a look at the problems and solutions that the veneer peeler will have in the production process.
What problems will be encountered in the operation of the veneer peeling machine
 1.The surface of the veneer peeling machine is not smooth:the angle of the knife is incorrect,and the knife is not sharp;processing method:re-grind the knife according to the required degree or sharpen the knife with oil stone.

 2.The thickness of the cross section of the leather is uneven,and the treatment method of the uneven thickness of the cross section:the blade is not straight,the knife seam is inconsistent;re-sharp the knife,adjust the knife seam.

 3.Periodic unevenness of the thickness of the leather:the knife is high or low,and the yin and yang of the wooden shaft are serious.The wood is too hard,the single and double roller bearings are aging,the single and double roller runout is out of tolerance,the knife height is adjusted,the wooden shaft is replaced,the bearing is replaced,and the single and double rollers are replaced.

 4.The processing method of the square shaft of the veneer peeling machine,the wooden shaft is square:the knife is low,the knife gap is too large,the pressure of the single roll is small;the blade is raised,the gap is adjusted,and the pressure of the single roll is increased.

 These problems are relatively representative,and they are all key factors that determine the quality of wood-based panels;therefore,when such problems occur during the production process of the veneer peeler,they should be resolved in time.

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