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What should be paid attention to when the veneer peeler is working

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 The veneer peeler is a necessary equipment for the veneer processing plant.In order to greatly improve the utilization rate of wood,reduce the waste of wood resources,and ensure the effect of the veneer peeler,it is also very important to check the equipment regularly.So,what are the main points of the inspection during the inspection?

 The new veneer peeling machine requires us to lubricate the moving parts such as the guide shaft,the hanging wheel frame,the clutch gear,the roller shaft,the feed screw and the nut before the trial operation;for the new machine working in Within 40 hours,the guide shaft,hanging wheel frame,clutch gear,roller shaft and other components need to be lubricated once every two hours;after the veneer peeler works for 200 hours,each lubricating component is lubricated twice every 8 hours;Every 200 hours of work,check whether the control buttons are working properly;whether the V-belt or chain of the single and double roller drive motors is worn or slack,and adjust and replace it in time.

 In addition,a machine cannot check all the places.It is not only a waste of time,but also really unnecessary.However,for example,loose parts,sluggish veneer peeling machines,etc.,this requires users to check it regularly.Check.In addition,we also need to check other details to avoid malfunctions.

 1.During the sharpening process of the veneer peeler,the grinding wheel should be trimmed with a grinding wheel cutter frequently to prevent clogging.

 2.The front and back of the rotary knife of the veneer peeling machine should be wiped clean before grinding to check and eliminate the curling,unevenness and other defects of the cutting edge.

 3.Stop feeding when uniform burrs appear on the cutting edge,and continue grinding back and forth several times.After the grinding wheel exits the rotary knife,the machine can be stopped,and the knife can be removed for oil knife operation.

 4.The rotary knife is installed on the sharpening frame,the cutting edge should be straight and the relative position with the grinding wheel should be correct.The pressing force should be even,and the pressing should start from the middle first,and then all nails should be nailed in order.When adjusting the flatness of the cutting edge,it should be adjusted when the middle is slightly tight and the two sides are loosely pressed.The pressure plate shall not be forcibly adjusted when it is pressed.

 5.The coolant in the blade sharpening of the veneer peeling machine should be proper,and it is not allowed to stop suddenly or stop spraying coolant.

 Hope to help you who are using the veneer peeler

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