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What should be paid attention to when using debarker

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 The emergence of debarker not only improves the efficiency of finding round logs,but also only requires one person to operate it,solving the problem of finding round logs.

What should be paid attention to when using debarker

 debarker needs to pay attention to when using:

 The skin is not clean because the knife is low and the slit is too small.Solution:Refer to the knife adjustment diagram to adjust the knife height and knife seam;

 The debarker plugged in,the indicator light was on,but the motor did not start.Solution:Pay attention to whether the power supply is lacking phase or the main control line is dashed.Check and repair the power supply and control wires and the master stop button in detail.

 The debarker cannot retract the knife automatically.It may be due to an open circuit in the travel switch and the retract control circuit.Solution:Replace the travel switch and repair the circuit.

 debarker’s maintenance and maintenance,including the timely replacement of parts,is very beneficial to our production.It is not only a guarantee of service life,but also a means to ensure production output and efficiency.

 Debarker is highly adaptable to wood,and can peel wood segments of different tree species,diameters,lengths and shapes.Due to the rotation and irregular beating of the wood segments,the concave part of the curved wood segment can also be very good with the peeling teeth.contact.
 debarker adopts an open silo,which can feed in from one end and discharge at the other end of the assembly line,which overcomes the shortcomings of the existing drum-type peeling machine for feeding,discharging,and segmented working methods,and has high working efficiency.

 The debarker has a large housing that is fixed,so it consumes less energy,has a low failure rate,and a small maintenance workload.The vibration and noise are much lower than that of the drum peeling machine.The machine can be produced on the ground,and it does not even need to be installed on the base.Convenience.

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