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What should be paid attention to when using the veneer peeling machine

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 Before using the veneer peeling machine,understand all the warning signs and operate strictly according to its requirements,otherwise it will cause casualties.When the rotary cutting machine is in operation,no part of the body should be close to the running part.The rotary cutting machine must be operated under the normal function of all safety protection devices.When operating the rotary cutting machine,no loose clothes or gloves are allowed.Long hair is required.Put it in a hat.The power supply must be cut off or locked before the rotary cutting machine is installed or overhauled.The operator of the rotary cutting machine must ensure that it has a good safe operating condition at all times and always pay attention to safety.
What should be paid attention to when using the veneer peeling machine
 Common faults and troubleshooting methods of veneer peeling machines:

 1.The reason for the bouncing axe is:the single and double roller drop and the knife height are not suitable,and the knife gap is too large.The solution is to adjust the height and drop of the knife,loosen the fixing bolts on both sides of the roller base and follow up the single roller base to adjust to the required gap.

 2.The reason for the size and size of the shaft(leather fan-shaped)is that the gap between the two blades is uneven,the height of the two blades is inconsistent,and the gap between the blade and the double roller is inconsistent.The solution is to follow the single roller seat at the large end of the seam forward or pull the small end of the seam backward to make it meet the requirements,and the seam is even and uniform.Re-test the knife height,which is under the theoretical knife height(under the center line of the double stick).1mm)based on the determination of raising or lowering,the transmission gear is translated,the gap between the gap is large to advance,and small to retreat.

 3.The reel is serious and the veneer tail is thick.The reason is:the knife seam is too large and the rotary cutter is high.The solution is to pull the single-roller seat back to make it reach the required gap or not to jump the shaft as the standard,and slightly reduce the knife height.

 Fourth,the veneer tail is thin.The reason is that the rotary cutter is too low and the knife seam is too tight.The solution is to slightly increase the knife height and adjust the knife seam.If the veneer finish is poor.The reason is:the rotary cutter is low and the slit is large.The solution is to slightly increase the knife height and adjust the knife gap smaller.

 5.The thickness of veneer is uneven.The reason is:single and double roller drop,improper knife height and knife gap,broken roller bearing or roller shaft bearing.The solution is to increase the knife height or lower the single roller or enlarge the knife gap and replace the bearing.
veneer peeling machine
 Asbestos tiles appear on both sides of the veneer.The reason is:the middle knife has a large seam and the two sides have a small seam.The solution is that the knife is not straight,the center is concave,and the knife is sharpened again

 Six,strains,scratches.The reason is:poor lubrication and lack of oil.Lubricating oil should be added.If the AC contactor is not flexible.The reason is:the voltage is too low,the capacitance should be increased and the voltage should be increased.

 The above are some problems and some small details that should be paid attention to when using the rotary cutting machine,and I hope it will be helpful to the majority of users.

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