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What to do if the knife jumps during the CNC veneer peeling

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 CNC veneer stripping is the main equipment for the production of plywood.CNC veneer stripping is mainly composed of a frame,a double-roll system,a single-roll system,a knife rest,a transmission system,and an electrical system.It is used to combine a certain length and diameter.The wood sections are processed into continuous veneer strips,which are cut into veneers of certain specifications.The performance and operation of veneer stripping are closely related to the output and quality of plywood.Spindle veneer stripping is divided into cardless veneer stripping and shaftless veneer stripping.It has compact structure,beautiful appearance,flexible adjustment and stable performance.
What to do if the knife jumps during the CNC veneer peeling

 CNC veneer peeling and peeling process

 Numerical control veneer peeling achieves the purpose of peeling through wood rotation and intelligent linear feed of the knife table.During the peeling process,the speed of the single and double rollers is constant,the wood decreases with the diameter of the wood,and the knife table feed is fed back to the frequency converter through the displacement sensor The corresponding Hertz output of the device speeds up the operation of the motor,and further accelerates the speed of the screw rod to advance the tool table quickly to complete the final cutting.

 It is very common for CNC veneer peeling to have a knife jump phenomenon in production.Stop the machine when the knife jumps and perform simple maintenance.During the maintenance process,adjust the ratio of knife edge to wood core.Don’t adjust the ratio too much when adjusting,just fine-tune the blade according to the roundness of the wood core.

 Check the operation of the machine before use.Using the machine after meeting the machine operating conditions can greatly improve the production efficiency and the quality and precision of the plywood.
veneer peeling

 What should I do if the cutting edge of CNC veneer peeling and rotary cutting occurs?

 The thickness of the veneer that is processed by veneer peeling is even and the surface is smooth;the structure is reasonable,the operation and maintenance are convenient;the equipment performance is stable,the wearing parts are few,and the service life is long;it saves wood resources.

 To sum up,if we encounter the situation of CNC veneer peeling and jumping,we don’t need to panic,just follow the above methods to solve the problem.Friends who want to know about the functions and advantages of the inverter on the veneer stripping,can call our customer service number,we are at your service 24 hours a day!

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