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What to do if the thickness of the veneer peeled by the CNC Veneer peeling machine is uneven

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 The CNC veneer peeling machine is a kind of wood processing equipment commonly used now.However,the uneven thickness of the leather will always appear during the use of this equipment.Then,what causes this phenomenon?How should this phenomenon be resolved?Now let the editor of Jinlun give you a detailed introduction!
What to do if the thickness of the veneer peeled by the CNC Veneer peeling machine is uneven
 How to adjust the uneven thickness of the skin cut by the veneer peeler?

 1.The thickness of the peeled leather is uneven and has no obvious regularity.This is caused by the damage of the ranging encoder or the electronic ruler or the damage of the speed encoder.The solution is to adjust the fast-forward frequency to 2Hz,fast-forward to observe whether the log diameter changes continuously,if there is an obvious pause,please replace the ranging encoder.

 2.The thickness of the peeling leather is uneven and has a tendency to become thicker gradually.This may be caused by the hard wood material or more knots,which makes the inverter low-frequency torque insufficient;or the low power grid voltage.It can be solved by adjusting the inverter or adjusting the controller parameters.

 3.The thickness of the peeled skin is uneven and obviously wavy.This should be caused by the high cutting resistance of the veneer peeler or incorrect input of motor parameters.In this case,you can check whether the output current of the inverter is greater than when there is no load.If the output current is too large,you need to adjust the veneer peeler itself and add lubricant.

 Generally,don’t worry if you encounter this situation,and don’t repair the machine blindly.You can take the following methods to deal with it:

 1.Measure whether the two ends of the wood core are the same in size.If they are the same,it is caused by the inconsistent slits of the rotary knife.

 2.If the tail plate is thin,the height of the knife should be slightly higher,which is 0.2mm less than the actual thickness to be cut.If it is a tailboard roll,lower the knife height slightly,and also 0.2mm away from the actual required thickness.

 How to eliminate the thickness error of the veneer peeler:

 1)Reduce the inclination of the auxiliary slide;
 2)Large-diameter material with large chuck head screw or nut;exchange or both
 3)Adjust the knife height,equivalent to 0.5 mm and 0.5 mm;
 4)The measuring angle of the universal protractor can be adjusted and reduced after modification.Observe that the width of the blade and the bright part of the wood friction are 3-4 mm.
CNC veneer peeling machine
 In summary,it is about how to adjust the uneven thickness of the leather cut by the CNC veneer peeling machine.Everyone knows that only when the thickness of the leather is the same,this material is the best material for making plywood,so adjust The thickness of the skin is very important.If you have friends who want to know about other questions about the veneer peeler,you can directly call our customer service hotline!

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