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What to pay attention to when choosing a debarker

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 A customer from Jiangsu has always wanted to buy a debarker.He inspected many debarker manufacturers in Feixian County,Shandong Province,and he was dazzled.He told us that there are too many companies in Feixian County that produce such equipment,and the debarkers are almost the same.Can’t tell which manufacturer is better?Finally,he saw the debarker we produced and it could be said that it was love at first sight.Want to know why this is?Let me tell you some of the reasons.
What to pay attention to when choosing a debarker
 First of all,our debarker is already very mature.Generally,the machine only needs to be willing to use the materials and use the materials well.Jinlun Machinery has also been engaged in woodworking machinery for more than ten years,with advanced technology,rich experience,first-class quality,and guaranteed after-sales service.Therefore,for debarker,we must let customers have a better understanding in order to better use our debarker.

 We use an open silo,which can feed in from one end and discharge at the other end of the assembly line,which has high work efficiency.Due to the impact of the teeth on the wood section,the wood section not only circulates in the cabinet,but also revolves around itself,so the peeling efficiency is high,and the hard-to-peel tree species such as eucalyptus and poplar have a good peeling rate.It has strong adaptability to wood,and can peel wood segments of different tree species,diameters,lengths and shapes.Because the wood segments make rotary motion and irregular beating,the concave part of the curved wood segment can also be in good contact with the peeling teeth..Therefore,the stripping rate of curved logs is much higher than that of other drum types.Feixian Jinlun Machinery specializes in the production of debarker and has been vigorously strengthening the construction of all aspects of the corporate brand.As the company’s main product,debarker has been highly praised since it was put into the market,and its brand awareness has been praised by authoritative institutions and the public.highly recognition.Pursue the latest technology,keep improving quality and the most competitive products to the masses of consumers,enjoy high evaluation in the society,I believe that Feixian Jinlun debarker’s brand development road will be more brilliant and exciting!
 "Quality first,reputation first"high-quality service,first-class product quality,Feixian Jinlun Machinery sincerely look forward to your visit and cooperation.

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