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Which parts of the CNC veneer peeling machine are easy to wear

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 The CNC veneer peeling machine has been engaged in wood peeling for a long time,and the labor intensity is relatively high.After a long time,the parts inside will be more or less worn,which reduces the efficiency and quality of the peeling.Let’s take a look at which parts of the CNC veneer peeling machine are easy to wear,so as to take preventive and control measures to solve these problems in a timely and effective manner to ensure the normal operation of the CNC veneer peeling machine.
Which parts of the CNC veneer peeling machine are easy to wear
 The easy-wearing parts of the CNC veneer peeling machine include the feed screw of the tool holder,the nut,the chuck shaft and the bushing,the main slide and the slider,the pressure ruler and the tool holder,etc.The wear of these important parts will reduce the accuracy of the machine tool and affect the quality of the plate,such as uneven distribution of plate thickness,unevenness,wavy,and damage to the rough structure of the plate.Therefore,the CNC veneer peeling machine needs regular inspection,maintenance,and maintenance.Regular maintenance can not only ensure the quality of the product and service,but also effectively improve the management efficiency,and can extend the service life of the machine.

 Operating system structure of CNC veneer peeling machine:

 The base bears the static and dynamic load of the entire CNC veneer peeling machine".The static load refers to the weight of the main mechanical parts and the transmission mechanism,and the dynamic load refers to the vibration and reaction force generated during the rotating cutting process.The base is made of cast iron or steel It is welded and has good stability.It can keep the axis of the two clamps consistent,keep the horizontal state,and always remain stable during the process of rotating cutting force.

 The chucking axle box is made of ordinary cast iron.The axle box is equipped with a small screw gun,intermediate screw gear,large screw gear,clamping shaft,main shaft sleeve and rolling bearing.The clamping shaft is used to clamp the wood section and drive the wood section to rotate.The head of the clamping shaft is provided with a clamping head.The chuck is required to be firmly fixed on the wood section,but not deep into the wood section to avoid damage to the end of the wood section.

 The rotation movement of the clamping shaft is the rotation movement from the driven shaft to the clamping shaft,and the telescopic movement of the clamping shaft is the rotation of the motor,pulley,big pulley,square nut and the axial expansion and contraction movement of the clamping shaft.The reversal and extension movement of the chuck axis of the CNC veneer peeler is the main activity,and the telescopic movement is to jam and lower the wood section.
CNC veneer peeling machine
 The rear part of the axle box is equipped with a brake system device,whose function is to further clamp the wood section.This can change the defect of excessive axial working pressure caused by the company’s direct impact on electricity consumption.

 There is also a spur gear on the transmission shaft of the CNC veneer peeling machine,through which the motion can be transmitted to the tool feed box,and the function of the tool feed box is to feed the rotary motion of the chuck shaft and the wood section with the feed of the tool post Exercise and maintain a certain sports relationship.

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