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Why is there abnormal noise when the CNC Veneer peeling machine is working

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 Recently,Jinlun Machinery has received a lot of feedback from customers,saying that the purchased CNC veneer peeling machine assembly line will produce abnormal noise during use.Today,the CNC veneer peeling machine manufacturer will answer these questions.
Why is there abnormal noise when the CNC Veneer peeling machine is working
 First of all,the manufacturer will seal and package the CNC veneer peeling machine before shipment.In order to ensure the normal use of the machine and equipment,the machine will not be used in any way,and only the pre-factory inspection will be made.The packaging is carried out immediately after completion,so the CNC veneer peeling machine will not be lubricated with lubricating oil before packaging.

 Therefore,we need to add lubricating oil before using the CNC veneer peeling machine,and add lubricating oil to each blade and joint to prevent rust or wear equipment,and then use it normally.Another reason is that the abnormal exit may be blocked during the operation of the wood.After the normal use of sawdust and wood chips,a non-residual cleaning equipment is required.If it is not cleaned in time,the exit is blocked,causing the discharge during discharge to be incorrect,and then abnormal sound.
CNC Veneer peeling machine
 The CNC veneer peeling machine needs to be operated strictly in accordance with the product manual during use.It is very important to maintain and clean the machine before shutting down every day.If you forget,you must clean up before starting the next day.It can extend the service life of the CNC veneer peeling machine and increase the output quality of the equipment.
Veneer peeling machine
 In summary,we know that if your machine encounters abnormal noise at work,don’t panic,just follow the methods described above to troubleshoot one by one.I hope the content of the editor is helpful to everyone!If you want to know about other problems of CNC veneer peeling machine,please click to view related articles!

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